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Partner for Africa

The Kovax Group Group of Companies today is a diversified Africa-based group and endeavours to be the global business partner of choice, helping global and local businesses, corporates and entrepreneurs build and grow sustainable businesses in Africa and other growth markets.

Active Investor

The Kovax Group Group of Companies aims to be an active investor globally in a wide range of sectors. We seek mature market-leading companies with strong established-brands & products of broad appeal, and the opportunity to substantially grow earnings by partnering with and empowering best-in-class management teams.

Distribution Partner

The Group also aims to be the entrusted partner to global multinationals & businesses in Africa, distributing their wide branded product range into various regional markets by virtue of the Group’s strong local distribution & retail relationships.

Partner with Kovax Group Group

The Group is actively looking for new opportunities in acquiring and distributing branded packaged food, beverages, personal care, household & healthcare products, semi-durable & durable consumer brands globally, and in particular Africa, through the Group’s various retail, wholesale, direct selling and marketing channels.

If you have any possible interest in partnering with the Kovax Group Group of Companies, and Africa in particular, we would appreciate you contacting us or visiting our Contact Us page for further details.