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Why "No Bullshit"?

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It’s not a marketing pitch! It’s a real mantra that we really live by. We support communities doing good in the world, such as open source developers. We believe in the rights of users, and respect our customers’ privacy rights and provide the tools to keep their accounts safe and secure. And we rely on what you say about us to promote our services. Above all, “no bullshit” is our golden rule—to treat our users how we want to be treated. It’s a promise to respect your rights and to level with you about our shortcomings. “No bullshit” doesn’t mean we are or ever will be perfect, it’s just to say we count on you to keep us honest and remind us to be good actors, that we have the obligation to actually earn your trust and confidence.

The “No Bullshit” Promise

If we make mistakes, we will apologize and make good. We will listen to you, and be honest in our replies, even if it means you won’t always like what we say.
If we’re ever hypocritical we will admit it, and clean up our act. We will give you what we promise to give you.
We will not exaggerate or over-complicate our claims of value to our customers. We expect you to treat us the same way. We are honest about what we do; we will be straightforward in how we deal with you.
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Message sent to all Kovax Group employees

The declaration of “No Bullshit” on our website is a message to everyone, both inside and outside our company, about how we aspire to be. It does not say that we are perfect, but it does say that we promise to do everything we can to defend our values, which are honesty and transparency. We are not saying that we never make mistakes! This constant internal effort is in my eyes a major part of who we are. This is particularly true in a world where many companies (even those that are questionable) proclaim themselves to be clean, organic, green… not because these are the values that they believe in, but because they’ve jumped on the bandwagon. We are not one of those companies. We believe that integrity in these values should be the norm, and we aspire to act in a way that is consistent with them. Being honest with our customers, focusing on the long term for our business, and entering into a relationship of trust with people that we ourselves identify with: this is who we want to be. It’s important to understand the context for how we arrived at “No Bullshit”: A commitment on our part, and a declaration of our faith in the values that we know to be important. This is also a way for us to stand out from others, a way for our voice to be heard, to be quickly identifiable, in a way that is alternative and not without some degree of provocation, but one that I hope will remain positive. And we can already see that there are gaps to fill: many of you have identified written and verbal communication that needs to be corrected, processes that need to be re-examined, areas where we still need to do better in order to uphold this commitment. Keep it up! Don’t lose sight of this mission, because this company is what we make of it.